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About Trance Music Events

Trance Music Events  is the largest source of anything and everything that is Trance Events and music, providing a dedicated what’s on guide that spans an entire genre of DJs, Trance events, Nightclubs, Technology and of course Trance Music.

The website aims to offer avid clubbers around the world a central place to explore and discover new things, from upcoming DJs to small underground events.

Our mission is to create and nurture a community of Trance followers, helping educate, inform and support fans globally. We use freelance journalists and editors to write and collate feature articles, reviews and interviews from the worlds leading DJ’s and influential bodies to help directly target thousands of people.

If your a DJ/Producer, Label owner, Event Promoter or just a massive fan of Trance music, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Trance Music Events is constantly searching for new events on a global scale, helping Trance fans to explore the genre of music while bringing people together. The site has listed over 900 Trance events that are updated daily, event promoters can submit their info so our software can scan their events automatically.


We are constantly looking for Freelance Writers with a burning passion for Trance music, either to write event or music reviews, Trance news and updates or simply to submit and share amazing podcasts the people must hear.

There’s a whole genre of Trance music that can be written about, so our doors are always open to articles being submitted regarding anything Trance related.

If you have an article idea or music you think people would be interested in, get in touch with us here.


We try our best to create the most comprehensive database of Trance events on a global scale. If you would like your event listed on the site use the EVENT SUBMIT FORM to register your details. Once submitted our database software will automatically scan any new Trance events you submit. It’s 100% free to use that gains you access to over 10’000 views  a week.

You can also create a free EVENT BRAND PAGE where your brand will be displayed, list promotional information, upcoming events, latest Facebook posts etc.



The site aims to help Trance fans explore and discover new music, to aid this we offer Artists/DJs and Record Labels a 100% free listing to promote their material. This include Artist Bio pages where new music, social media updates, upcoming events and bio’s are displayed.

You can also submit new Trance music releases to the store section of the website, links to the record label and where the tracks can be bought are also included.


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